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I wish I could bottle up my extra good luck, and use it up on days like these.
I'm not wollowing in self pity, but seriously. When it rains it pours.

My mom had me dig up a book of inspirational stories and pieces of things that helped her get through the bad times, I'm excited to read it!

That show "The X-effect" is horrible. Who would be so cruel to find that shit entertaining. 

Today was declared the death day of my scorto, I'm come to terms with scrapping it out. 
Cars are such a waste of money. Even when I ride the gravy train with Tony and Ryan it still makes me sick to throw money into something that only takes. It never gives. I wish I could ride the bus!!

Stay positive. Have hope in good people and kindness.

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 Goal one of 2008: Sell my necklaces in The Electric Fetus. 
                                           CHECK!! :)

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Christmas was strange this year.
I went to Mankato on Saturday to pick up Tony love, and we came back that night
Snowed in snuggle Sunday.
Monday was filled with a bunch or Christmas Eve plans.
And then there was Christmas.
After picking a fight with Tony we decided we wouldn't go to my Grandma's house so we could make it to Mankato by 5.
When we first started driving it wasn't that bad, but we took 35W. 
Believe it or not my car started to overheat in a snow storm, and my serpentine belt had a chunk of rubber missing out of it.
Once traffic started to speed up we ended up plowing into the ditch towards oncoming traffic.
Thank god we didn't hit anyone, and I'm so thankful we atleast had eachother.
We practically did a 180 so it was easy to get towed. But I paid the guy in gift cards and ones.
By the time we made it to Emily's there wasn't a lot of people there.
Santa got me a bottle of wine, and a date for Tony and I at the Olive Garden :)

Today on my way back my strut kept wanting to float my back wheel but all in all it went okay.
I stopped by to see Grandma on my way home, and played guitar hero at Ry's. 
Tomorrow Ali and thekids are coming here, hopefully the snow doesn't stop them too much. 

This has gotten too long and personal, but here's to the new year and hopefully new beginnings, but not losing those who keep us strong.

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I quit the Pottery Burn.
I feel great about it! And no hard feelings.
I learn more about myself everyday.
I fall in love a little bit more everyday.
Everytime I hear Tony's voice I feel so safe.
Here's to a new semester, possibly my old fun life back

Time. To. Toke.  

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I've come to realize that as much as people say they care, that's not always true.
I need to stand up for myself more and not take so much shit.
It really makes me sick to think how long things have sucked, and I always find a reason to not leave.
I've never quit anything ever.
I need to stop being all talk and straighten up my life.

I only seem to write on this damn thing when something goes wrong, or I'm really sad.
I don't know why I haven't deleted this fucking thing yet. Or my myspace. Who fucking cares.