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i wasted break. and this entry will rape your friends page

this week has been interesting. so im going to put things in a nutshell.

sunday was incredibly sad. dad and nancy said goodbye to taner. and my sweet dad saluted him. i cried a lot. but nickie, taner, scotty and i went to visit angel and the kids in st. cloud. it was fun, but there was some obvious tention. we couldnt see him off to his plane because of we had to say goobye on the street. me and nickie cried a lot more. but to try and ease our pain we went shopping at tanger. and that was fine until we tried to leave. nickies back breaks like blew up. so we made it to "frisk tire" and camped out for like 3 hours...haha. it was insane. and the guys at fast lube were obviously talking about us and starring. i wish they would have just come and talked to us, make it less awkward for everybody. but once we made it in town and got some erbs n gerbs her car broke again. so i just had dad pick me up.

brent came to visit me and i wasnt there, im sorry.

iv been painting this whole week honestly. and i tried to tan every here and there. but whichever. i really wasted my break. but atleast now i have a purple room and a pile of junk in the middle to show for it.

iv been working, but tonight was really cool.

amanda met up with me after i got off work, and we went walking. and we waaaalked. and went to amazing grace. then decided to go to the omnimax. then we jammed to green mill. after that we went to the 2nd water tower because i never go there, but we were too scared to walk around the dark corner. that probably wouldnt have been a good place to get mugged. but we talked a lot. even though we froze our asses off and went into strange parts of the board walk we got a lot out. it was relieving to talk about "him" because he's really on my mind all the time. and i cought up with her guys...ha. she's such a pimp. but it was good. i love my manda.

ha. wow. so we were walking on superior street and these two guys honk and "cat call" we had a laugh and kept walking. they CIRCLED lake ave. and honked like 7 times. so i waved and thought that would be the end of it. mm no. they pull over and wait for us to walk by...and we tried getting in doors but they were locked. and damn luce had geek prom..anyways. so they were sitting there waiting. ugggh. and we had to walk by and they were college aged fools sayin "hey ladies, we got the good shit" anything i could basically not care about. and i explained how i was walking to my car. and our plan was to just go to the skywalk so we wouldnt freeze. so we walked away from them and they circle the block to say "have fun at the bus stop" who does that?? if i wanted a ride i would have asked. wow. this isnt even a big story. it was just bizarre. you would think they would have given up.

tomorrow im going out with a bang, and i hope you'll join me.

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