it's CASS (bambamtc) wrote,
it's CASS

It would be nice to know that I made a difference.
But really, how far should I push myself to expect someone else to feel closer?
I want to feel whole, and complete. And i don't want someone else to be the reason why I feel any different. 
I believe in karma. 
I believe that one day I'll make things happen for myself.
But two things I want in life don't seem to go well together. 
And I don't know if "giving in" will make me as happy as I once imagined.
Hearing those words which I won't repeat were very eye opening.
Extremely gut wrenching. But I need to hear those things so I can get over you.
I need to stop saving my love for you.
To feel like you don't need me the way you once did just makes me sad.
That's why this is so difficult.
And I feel the need to open up. 
Unfortunately on my damn livejournal.
But seriously. 
Closure could come any day now.
Any day...

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