it's CASS (bambamtc) wrote,
it's CASS

Chicago was fun, but I cant stop thinking about how overwhelming it was.
I've never felt so intimidated by a new surrounding and that was really dissapointing. 
I need to leave my comfort zone soon before I loose my ambition to leave.

I can't stop having nightmares about this girl.
She haunts me.
She's more like poison to my blood stream I can't extract.
Randi Kay and I had an amazing talk about life.
But the phrase "It's easier said than done" couldn't be more prevelant in my life.
I invest my emotions into things that dissapoint me. Inatiment objects.

My life has become overwhelmed with things that shouldn't matter to me, 
and I'm losing sight of the things I truly care about.

I feel dead.
I don't know when I slipped into this funk, 
but it needs to stop.
I can't enjoy anything...

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