it's CASS (bambamtc) wrote,
it's CASS

I wish I could bottle up my extra good luck, and use it up on days like these.
I'm not wollowing in self pity, but seriously. When it rains it pours.

My mom had me dig up a book of inspirational stories and pieces of things that helped her get through the bad times, I'm excited to read it!

That show "The X-effect" is horrible. Who would be so cruel to find that shit entertaining. 

Today was declared the death day of my scorto, I'm come to terms with scrapping it out. 
Cars are such a waste of money. Even when I ride the gravy train with Tony and Ryan it still makes me sick to throw money into something that only takes. It never gives. I wish I could ride the bus!!

Stay positive. Have hope in good people and kindness.

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